Inspiring People to

Live Who They Are

Brief Client Profiles


Client for 10+ years.
Learning the ropes as she goes up in her large corporation.
Has a no-risk place to check out ideas or pick apart what went wrong.
Can learn how organizational politics works.


Head of a financial company's division.
Had always been a star; dazzling producer. . .now having trouble at work.
Realized he was done, needed new challenges.
Recognized what was going on around and in him.
Developed an "out" strategy.
Left with confidence and on his own, not broken by the organization.


Not happy in her big job; not sure why. Making a lot of money.
Realized "I'm done."
Longing to make a contribution in the community.
Helped discover what she wanted, developed a strategy and roadmap.
What she liked about working with Rose: I had someone to talk to who knows
how organizations work. She gave me the courage to try.


Wanted to move to the next level in his accounting firm.
No one to talk to; not sure of what he had to offer or what his strategy should be.
Not being noticed.
Great sense of humor; wanted to be able to laugh again.
Figured out what he wanted; designed the road map.
Left his organization, then another; now owns his own consulting business.

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