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ELLYNANNE – Author and Speaker

I met Rose Jonas in 2002 at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference, the first such event I’d ever attended. From the moment we connected, she insisted I was more creative and smarter than I imagined myself to ever be. Call me desperate, but I believed her.

So, two years later, when I’d finagled a meeting with the editor-in-chief of a national magazine to which I’d present my project, I called Rose to have her remind me of my supposed creative brilliance and to give me the tools to make the presentation of a lifetime. She supplied both and more.

Cutting through every bit of my “comfort bull,” Rose exhorted me to do the unimaginable: to take my Southern crutch girl into the New York meeting, but to deposit her at the door, with the non-negotiable dictum that she was to zip her lip. I was to do the unthinkable and not allow her to speak.

Instead, I, EllynAnne Geisel, was to take command of the presentation by

1. Memorizing my introduction and conclusion, 2. Pulling on my magnifiers and reading the rest of my script, and 3. Smiling and waving bye-bye at 15 minutes.

With that map, I entered the most alien world of my life – a boardroom filled with Very Important People – and shared a project I’d spent years developing. I stuck to Rose’s script and in the spring of the next year, I was featured in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Rose Jonas is a genius. As a writer, I have many words to choose from, so I did not arbitrarily pick the word “genius” when describing Rose. Genius-with-a-heart says it all.

Should you wish further elucidation as to Rose Jonas and her talents at assisting people to capture their dreams, do contact me. I relish all opportunities to share what Rose has done for me. (

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