Inspiring People to

Live Who They Are

Individual Testimonials

Thank you so much for your help over the past year. It has meant a lot to me. You have helped me re-purpose my life, and my confidence is growing. Your support has been invaluable!

- MS

It is said in Torah, that if you save one life, it is as if you have saved the world. You saved mine. I was a struggling in a career I hated, and you helped me get in touch with my artist self and gave me permission to be an artist....YOU, Rose, the Job-Doc! No one else...God led me to YOU!!!

- BR

Thank you so much for such an enlightening meeting. You opened my eyes to things about me that I need to address. I can grow into who honors herself. I will work on my “assignments” and will then call “the doctor”.

- June

I can’t thank you enough for your insight. Things have worked out very well for me regarding my separation from the Association. Today is my final day and I am very relieved.

- Adam

You really are good at what you do! I think the most beneficial thing you gave me today was the “Boundary Cloak” – I think it is a great metaphor that I can wear anytime – any place – and of course, it will be in basic black, so it will go anywhere and look very stylish :-)

- LN

Thank you so much for your ready availability and instant wise counsel for my career change. I am very much in awe of all you’ve encouraged me to think about, as well as the monumental implications it is having for my/our future. I was unhappy for so long and do not feel that way now at all. Whatever next job I take, I will be more on top of the game and enjoying whatever I’m learning. It’s truly amazing how many people (including me) drudge through their days at work. Thank you for helping me see the sun.

- Lisa R.

In my world, where I am the one who is supposed to have all the answers and be the dispenser of wisdom, thank you for your support, guidance, advice, open conversation and friendship.

- Jeff R.

After struggling with organizational change after organizational change for years, Rose has not only helped me to cope, but has helped prepare me for the future and guide me through uncertain times. I’d be selling BVDs instead of leading a group of professionals if not for Rose.

- Mike P.

You inspired me to imagine what would fulfill my heart’s desire, dared me to reach for the dreams in my soul, believed in me always, & danced when I found my way home. Thank you.

- Bonnie M.

Working with you on my career search was an adventure. The process was a lot of hard work that was interspersed with the joy of discovery.

- Judy E.

Your wonderful outlook was consistently inspirational. Your ability to coerce, direct and intrigue me kept me focused on solving my employment problem.

- Jerry D.

I walked away with a new lease on life. I didn’t have to consider myself a failure.

- Frank D.

Thanks for everything over the last year. . .advice. . .teaching me endless things. . .and all the help with my job search (and my many homework projects!) And how could I forget. . .making me laugh lots and lots!

- Cathy K.


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