Inspiring People to

Live Who They Are


The brief version:

  1. You begin with a problem, objective, goal. 
  2. You sign on with Rose Jonas as your guide to get you where you want to go or resolve crisis. 
  3. You develop goals and desired outcomes. 
  4. You work with Rose for weeks or months, being accountable for doing the necessary tasks between sessions. 
  5. When you complete your goal(s), you end the coaching or sign on for more (clients often continue with occasional individual sessions).

These are the situations that bring clients to Rose:

  1. Career or Business Crisis 
  2. Career Change 
  3. Big Dreams 
  4. Job Search

Each situation first requires a foundation session. You and Rose explore your life, values, purpose, issue(s), what you want from the coaching. This meeting lasts 90+ minutes, in person or by phone, and points the way to continued coaching, based on your situation.

1. Career or Business Crisis: 

Trouble with boss 
First bad performance review 
Fired ... or afraid I will be 

The coaching is pragmatic, solution-focused.

2. Career Change 

How do I know what's next for me? 
What do I want to be when I grow up? 
How do I get there? 
How do I get out of where I am now? 

The coaching covers purpose, values, dreams, heart-seeking, gifts, obligations, resources, courage.

3. Big Dreams 

I want to make big leaps in my career. 
I'm not sure how to make that happen.
I want to move farther and faster than I am now. 
I'm ready to do what it takes. 
I need help. 

The coaching addresses goals, dreams, potential, gifts, reaching, action, going for it.

4. Job Search 

Not sure where to look or what to look for 
What am I good at? 
I never get past the interview
I hate networking! 

The coaching involves personal preparation, using the right tools, taking action.