Inspiring People to

Live Who They Are


My mission is to make a difference in people’s lives, to inspire them to live who they are.

Our existence on the planet is like aspects of a pendulum:

  1. The swing of a pendulum, they say, delivers answers we already subconsciously know. We may have a deep knowing of what we want to do, but lack awareness of it. I help clients access their dreams for their lives.
  1. A pendulum moves back and forth, round and round; its arc narrows as it slows. Without energy (or a push!), everything stops. We can be magnificent in the life we create or we can be stuck. I want to be the breath, the push toward clients’ possibilities.
  1. A photographer who shoots a pendulum’s trajectory with the lens open gets a “wow” pattern. We can have a stunning life if we give ourselves room and keep our heart’s “lens” open. I’m in it for the reveal of clients’ breath-taking patterns.

So whether the client’s journey is to gain greater belief in self, discover hidden talents, take on career killers, or get moving on the outrageous dream, I want to join that path, illuminating the next steps.